Participation in the conference and the Jordanian-European Exhibition: "Rationalization of Energy Consumption…is First"

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fariz added that "renewable energy and its usage have a positive impact on the environment and financial institutions in the revitalization of specialized environmental financing to serve environmental goals and sustainable development."

He also stressed the importance of the company's participation in conferences and exhibitions that focus on renewable energy as one of the solutions to the high electricity prices problem and which contribute to the preservation of the environment in general.

He pointed out that "the Jordanian-European conference entitled 'The Rationalization of Energy First,' which was patronized by Prime Minister Dr. Abdallah al-Nsour, in cooperation with the embassy of the European Union in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA), with the participation of Tamkeen, aimed at shedding the light on the importance of green funding for the different financial institutions.

He added that "such conferences and events create awareness on the usage of renewable energy and its impact on the preservation of the environment on one hand, and they increase awareness among visitors and participants on the importance of financial leasing as one of the adequate financial solutions for the various economic sectors, especially the financing of devices designed to save energy and rationalize its consumption, with the aim of cutting down electricity bills."

The conference addressed the challenges facing Jordan and the region with regard to the rise in oil prices and its negative repercussions on the national economy as well as on citizens.

The conference aimed at raising awareness on the priorities of energy usage, the rationalization of its consumption and means of energy conservation by the use of simple and inexpensive procedures. It also provided academic circles, businessmen, experts and decision makers with an opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge, ideas and techniques in the fields of energy and the rationalization of its usage.