Why Tamkeen

Why Leasing:

  • Medium & Long Term financing methods. Up to 20 years in some cases would help your cash flow management avoiding financial distress.
  • Special financing methods that are being addressed towards fixed assets so the financial resource will align the way of use.
  • Less documentation and no additional collaterals.
  • Up to 100% financing which includes all operating costs related to asset use, i.e. - delivery, installation, taxes, maintenance, etc.
  • Fixed payments taking into consideration the cash inflow generated from using the leased assets.
  • Leased asset is the major and only collateral so. No blank lines against other general assets.
  • Lease terms are locked in. No "clean up" period.
  • Competitive pricing and rates.
  • Increase credit availability. An additional credit line preserves your primary bank line for operational purposes.
  • Off-balance sheet assets/debt so it keeps your ratios attractive applicable in cases of operational lease.
  • Expense the total payment. Generally, 100% of the lease payment can be expensed, which Enables quicker recovery of investment especially for long life assets.
  • All soft costs are covered. Improving your cash flow helping to maintain current financial strength because the client is not required to pay for those items up front- out of cash capital accounts.

Tamkeen operations competitive advantages:

  1. Financing all kinds of fixed assets required for all economic sectors.
  2. Supporting new generations to startup businesses.
  3. High flexible policies and procedures with credit-sensitive respond to the lessee needs.
  4. High flexible procedures in case of early payment & contract closure with maximum discounts.
  5. Exploiting relationship with Investbank for the benefit of our clients in case extra banking services needed.

Recommendation Letters: