Application for Individuals

Personal Data
Income Data
Banking Relations
Personal Properties

I am admitting that all the information listed above in this application are correct and accurate and error-free information and related to me and if it appears otherwise, this is considered a sufficient reason to cancel the requested application, and if Tamkeen company executed it, the company have the right to terminate the contract immediately and all leasing installments considered due and payable immediately. We promised Tamkeen Company to notify any changes to the data and documents mentioned above within one week from the date of its occurrence.

I authorize Tamkeen Leasing Company to verify the data mentioned in this application and the documents submitted by me and share it with any other party, also I authorize you to investigate and request any information or documents it deems appropriate concerning any property or assets or liabilities belong to me or to my family in all ways and means by which the company may consider suitable including investment bank, other banks, financial companies, financial leasing companies, other government and private institutions and any person the company find suitable.